4 secrets to get the best wedding photos and end up find the best wedding photographer for you!

4 basic steps to find the best wedding photographer for you.

βρείτε τον καλύτερο φωτογράφο γάμου | best wedding photographer

Identify the desired photo style.

Not all wedding photos are the same. In order to get closer to the photographer’s right choice, you need to specify the style of the photos you want. So you need to know what kind of photos you would like to have from your wedding. Would you like classic posed pics and family portraits? Would you like documentary with spontaneous and unexpected images? Would you prefer a more dramatic artistic performance? Or would you like a more abstract performance with unexpectedly frames and angles photos? As music has different genres, so is photography. I suggest that you start from there. From the kind you like most.

the personality of the photographer and yours

Personality and chemistry! The beginning of good cooperation. Everything will roll more easily and smoothly if your photographer’s personality fits yours. You will feel more comfortable first of all by yourself. Bring to your mind the situations that may arise in your wedding and discuss them with your photographer. You will not have to explain everything to someone you understand is tuned at the same frequency as you. Keep in mind that your photographer will see him throughout your wedding. From the preparation you will not be ready until late at your party that you may have an appetite to be a little …cult!. So take care of your work, be someone who would feel comfortable eating a coffee with him. Be someone you can trust to show your “other” self. Remember that each marriage is different.

Aesthetics, Are You Sure They Are The Best Photos For Your Wedding?

βρείτε τον καλύτερο φωτογράφο γάμου | best wedding photographerSee detailed samples of his work. Maybe the selected photos that sporadically go up to social are not indicative. Prefer to see complete samples, weddings and albums in their entirety. Most of the photos are indicative of both the personality of the photographer and the way he works. You can understand his influences or the way he thinks. A third opinion may be helpful, but do not forget that we do not all fit the same with everyone. Also, if someone likes the result of a photo does not necessarily mean that they will all like the same. So, use your instincts and aesthetics, and consider whether the images you see are representative of you!

dare a pre wedding photo shoot.

All the other invitations, bonbons, costumes, etc. can be seen and tested and finally changed. But the photographer does not. You will see wedding photos after marriage, whatever that means. Dare a pre wedding photo shoot. As an investment it has many benefits. You will see how your photographer works. You will see an indicative result. With the pictures you will be making, for example, you can make a wonderful wish book that everyone would like to write.

φωτογράφηση πριν το γάμο| engagement photos

By following the above you are on the right track to choose to find your best wedding photographer. Following the next five tips you might have the best photos for your wedding and the most representative ones.

Finding the best wedding photographer is somewhat relevant. But following the above you may come closer to the desired result. Anyway, will all be judged in the end, when it will probably be too late for any change. The way and especially the criteria you will look for will lead you to the best possible choice.