Rightly or wrongly, the photographic result will look after your wedding. In what ways could you have the best wedding photos. A Basic Guide!

5 easy steps to get the best wedding photos.

Although it’s very relevant to what we think best, a small guide that in five simple steps will help you get the best wedding photos for you.

καλύτερες φωτογραφίες γάμου | best wedding photosGive space and time to your photographer.

Especially if you like and expect spontaneous and documentary-type photos, give your photographer freedom to move behind the scenes. Do not look for him so he can get you a set up with friends and acquaintances. You will spoil its flow and you will not have spontaneous pictures. Spontaneous moments, reporting, require time and concentration, and are moments that do not happen over and over again. If this is one of the reasons you chose your photographer, let him work as he knows.

find the best wedding photographer in greeceDo not purposely pursue the lens, be yourself.

During the wedding do not even deal with your photographer. You may live all your marriage and let your photographer leave the rest. One reason that some pictures may fail is trying to look “nice” on the lens. Make a small experiment: Tell a kid “smile” and see how it will come out in the photo. He will have an awkward smile and an inconvenient attitude. This is because he is trying to do something when he does not come out.

κινητά στο γάμοThe enthusiastic friends – photographers.

Although I am happy with those amateurs we share the same passion for photography, try to limit it as much as possible. Explain in a way at least to your close friends that you have trusted a professional for this job. It’s hard to try and compose a photographer and finally the right time to spoil a mobile phone, a selfie stick that comes in front of, or even worse, the huge tablet that take “upright” videos. It would be perfect if you get those who are close to you that day to really live with you experience.

Take time in photography.

In order to have a beautiful and artistic effect, you need to devote time to your photo. Taking pictures of the next day for many reasons has better results than a few pictures that will come out the same day. But even the next day you must be prepared for it. You will see and feel that in the course of photography, everything will go better for both the photographer and you. Time is a precious ally for us to take a good shot.

καλύερεςφωτογραφίες γάμου | best wedding photos

Live your marriage.

The most important thing is to be able to live your marriage. Feel, enjoy, enjoy, with your loved ones without worrying about photography. An experienced photographer will find the way to penetrate discreetly into all of this. He can choose the key moments that will emphasize and be able to remind you of all these wonderful moments. Then these photos will actually be your best wedding photos.

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