A beautiful baptism that will take you back in time. All the choices reminiscent of another era and necessarily the style of photography follows the same vintage street. In a village of Larissa that time has left it intact!

We found ourselves in a small village in Larissa that we ignored its existence. In Metaxochori. As I arrive, I think every visitor will spend time observing what he’s meeting. A settlement that seems to have turned back in time and imposing nature. The first thoughts were if we finally manage to harmonize the photographic effect with the region in conjunction with what is happening now. And it was so beautiful that I really had great expectations!

οικογενειακή φωτογράφιση στη φύση

For my good luck, fortunately I was not the only one I had great expectations of this photo. We all think we expected something different, something special, something that is superior but also representative. So we started our wandering in the village …

family photography into the wild

Stone buildings, water and wild vegetation were the backdrop to decorate. But the most important thing about such photography is chemistry, energy and will for the result. Luckily there was everything in surplus and we started our wandering!

καλύτεροι φωτογράφοι βαφτίσεων

the ceremony of baptism in Metaxochori, Larissa

The church, built somewhere in the 18th century with its characteristic precinct, hosted the baptismal ceremony. Everything is simply and nicely combined with each other.

βάφτιση μεταξοχωρι λάρισας

maybe I have to add that I am more than happy to see when the result is fit and probably more than what you expected to have!

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