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We are professionals wedding photographers in Greece and we love to travel! Any Marriage is a live event and that is how we treat it. Leaving the development as they are, engaging discreetly. Our goal is to capture the emotions and situations that are being developed in order for the photographs to become worthwhile over time and in the future to bring you close to the climate you experienced at that time.

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With the same thinking, we face the family photography. We are not enough for some children’s portraits. Our effort focuses on relationships that have been developed between parents and the child. We try to keep the memories of an innocent childhood so that when the child gets a sense of mind, remember his relationships with you, his parents.

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All professionals wedding photographers should have perception, sentiment, courage, mood, personality, creativity, and so many others that the ones who have searched a little more call it a “different look”. Depending on the “mixing” of the above components, the result and ultimately the “signature” of the photographer comes out. What should look like looking at a photo of a couple deeper? The photographer. Otherwise, the result will be similar to what has been perpetuated for so many years, it will be another image in the millions of identical and impersonal images that are circulating. I believe in photography as art and do not separate wedding photography. Besides, my engaging in marriage has given me many remarkable shots that make me proud, hoping the same for the couples we have worked with.

our passion!

The photo for me is my great love, my weakness and my passion. I think it’s hard for me to imagine my life without her. The camera lens is the medium that links me to what’s happening around me and my pictures are the medium of expression. In my personal life and my everyday life, I think small moments, short breaks of routine are those that will emphasize, change our mood and which we will eventually remember. So with the same reason, I’m also shooting at the wedding. The moments. Those who will be able after the passing of time to bring you feelings of that day. And when my photos can make you smile, tear or dream, then I think I have achieved my purpose.

our philosophy!

I do not treat photography as a logging tool. It is not enough for my pictures to be pure with beautiful colors that is an outdated criterion for choosing a photographer. I am not even able to synthesize imposing motifs and the ephemeral tendency of the unrealistically indifferent patterns to express interest in me. Marriage is a living event and I am facing it this way. Leaving the development as they are, engaging discreetly. My goal is to capture the feelings and situations that are being developed in order for the photographs to become worthwhile over time and in the future to bring you close to the climate you experienced at that time. We are not just wedding and christening photographers, we are photographers in our everyday life!

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When we take pictures we have all our senses open. We are absolutely focused and dedicated to what we do. It may be paradoxical to understand what is happening outside of our field of view, but not to understand that a well-known one who has passed from the front is pleased. As professionals wedding photographers, we want to have control of my cadre and we do it. As wedding and baptism photographers, we hate posing. We like to participate in the flow of events, to be in what happens without interrupting it. We perceive either their experience or intuition of their evolution and we make sure that we are one step ahead. We do it if not always, but most of the time. If we are artists? … This is a serious question! I think the “artist” is not a term of self-determination but a title that you conquer. But I think someone is not an artist only on the weekend. It must be in his everyday life, in his relationships with his family and friends. Artistry stems from a set of actions … but the time is that he will show. Fine art is timeless, fashion is ephemeral


Our common love for the picture is what ultimately brought us together. Everyone with their own perspective but with the common goal of managing to tell the story of your marriage. It is our effort to present a unique and overall harmonious photographic and cinematic effect with a source of inspiration for the individuality of each couple. Our bet and our satisfaction is when we can and surpass ourselves in every subsequent result. We love the challenges and the uniqueness of every event. We strive to keep alive moments and moments and to capture feelings of joy, joy, emotion, intensity, enthusiasm, happiness, anxiety, heartbeat, all that make wedding a unique and unforgettable experience.