who we are. Giorgos Gotsis & Zoe Papanastasiou

Giorgos Gotsis  &  Zoe Papanastasiou   (photography & cinematography)

Our shared love for the picture is what you finally joined us. Everyone with his own perspective but with a common aim to be able to tell the story of your wedding. It is our effort to present a unique and harmonious photographic and cinematic result with inspiring the specific needs of each couple. Our wager and is pleased when we surpass ourselves every next result.We love challenges and uniqueness of each event.
We try to keep it alive, small and big moments and capture spontaneous emotions, such as joy, excitement, tension, excitement, happiness, anxiety, heartbeat, all that essentially make your wedding unique and memorable experience.photographer Giorgos GotsisIn our efforts to offer better quality results and ye feel secure about your choice to cover the event, we have eliminated any possibility of external workshops wanting to keep the level of our work to quality standards that we have set and we can check . We undertake only a partnership every day, while total does not exceed the number the number of jobs that we can bring dignity to perform.

We are based in Trikala, Greece but we like to know new people, different customs, new situations and we seek. We can take your coverage anywhere ...