destination wedding photographer, Giorgos Gotsis

Photography for me is my great love, my weakness and my passion. I think it's hard to imagine my life without it. The camera lens is what connects with what is happening around me and my pictures are the means of expression.In my personal life and in my daily life, I think the small moments, the little breaks in routine are those that emphasize, that will change our mood and that ultimately we will have to remember. By the same token then, photographing the wedding. Moments. These will be capable after the passage of time, to convey emotion that day. And when my photos can make you smile, tearing or dreaming, then I think I have achieved my purpose.

gotsisWhen I photograph all my senses are alert and I'm totally focused and dedicated to what I do. It is a strange reason to understand what happens outside of my field of vision, but can not figure that greeted an acquaintance of mine who went out of my example. I want to have control of the frame and I do.

I hate the rigged shots. I like to participate in the flow of events, I'm into what happens without interrupting. I understand from either experience or intuition trends and make sure I'm one step ahead. The coax if not always, but most times.

I'm an artist? ... oh serious question ... I think the "artist" is not self-term, but the title that you conquer. But I think that one artist is not only for an weekend. Must be in daily life, in relationships with family and friends. The artistry comes from a set of operations ... but the time will be shown. Fine art is timeless and the fashion is ephemeral ...

My hobbies, except the photo you can not take away from her, I like traveling, motorbikes, the contact with nature that relaxes me, I love to meet people, i like cinema (preferably European) , I love the conversations with friends and ... beer!