baptism in the mountain of Konitsa

Four kids … you can imagine it! Although the argument of such a photo seems unlikely I can say with certainty that I had the best collaboration with my little friends!

in Konitsa, on the banks of Voidomatis

A family of heroes with four children decided to do the baptism in their native village. And so our roads joined in a wonderful destination, in Konitsa. This was the main theme of the baptism and of course the photography. So each photo will travel you on paths and springs, will let you hear the flow of water, and feel the coolness of the air.
And maybe if you notice them … maybe you will hear our song that we sang during the photo shoot …

blossom orange

christening photography is not just the ceremony!

The unruly bomber was walking … He had a passion for exploration, everything seemed new to him, he wanted to catch everything, to dip his arms and legs everywhere … The older ones patiently followed us until we found the “points of interest” and succeeded. to finally have the photos we needed …

what a video!

The degree of difficulty was great. It was a great tour with a lot of data to connect. How a baptism video can end up, however, is an issue that we always think about carefully and plan ahead.

We love adventure! If you like it too, we can definitely design your own baptism!

the christening ceremony at the monastery of Nikanora

The chapel is located at the top of the mountain. Going up several steps, at the end, raising your head you see a shocking view. It is a strategic point that you can see all of Zagorochoria together. The chapel is tiny. It is actually a cavity in a rock. For our good luck, the baptism took place outside, leaving the guests free to enjoy the view but also to participate in the mystery …

  • μονή νικάνορος, κόνιτσα
  • μονή νικάνορος, κόνιτσα
  • μονή νικάνορος, κόνιτσα
  • μονή νικάνορος, κόνιτσα
  • πάπιγκο φωτογράφοι βάφτισης

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