baptism like a fairy tale in the park of St. George

A christening based on the idea and concept of a well-known fairy tale that gave us fairytale photos and a shocking video

Park of St. George, central Greece

The baptism took place in the park of Ai Giorgis, in Trikala. But while designing it, we had a great idea … To connect her photography with the story of a fairy tale. Daring, but successful as you will see in the following photos!
Of course the implementation would not have had the same success if the parents did not give us the freedom. On the other hand, this may have been the reason for cooperation. A daring, unusual and original idea …

φωτογράφοι βάφτισης τρίκαλα

little red riding hood

a family photo shoot full of adventure!

Having the essentials we found ourselves in a beautiful forest. So where once upon a time, a little girl met the wolf!

  • φωτογράφοι βάπτισης τρίκαλα
  • τοπίο φωτογράφησης
  • τοπίο φωτογράφησης
  • παιδικό πορτραίτο
  • παιδικό πορτραίτο

the amazing video of the baptism

The baptism took place in Trikala, Central Greece, near Meteora and the impressive places we used for the scenery are from the surrounding areas. With shots in the forest and the countryside where Little Red Riding Hood met the wolf. An original idea that will probably “inspire” others in the future. However, somewhere here is the beginning. The good mood and the appetite to make this video from all of us gave us a wonderful result in the whole filming!

What kind of memories would you like from your own baptism? We could definitely make something special for you too!

the decoration of the baptism

The decoration of the baptism in a place like in the park of Ai Giorgis should also be natural, in line with the landscape. So the choices of flowers, wood and natural materials tied harmoniously with the overall result!

the ceremony at St. George chapel

Perhaps one of the most beautiful churches that you could take advantage of for your baptism in Trikala, is the church of Ai Giorgis. Atmospheric stone and comfortable for its size.

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