dolls performance

Two dolls sex shop are born , play , became a couple , quarrel , make love ; divide but one of them can not stand collapses and everything looks mortal . Life in circle shape . Opens and closes repeats share the same roles in other persons animate - inanimate . Disclosed onstage love, illusion , passion, paranoia . Collapsing extreme emotions in subjective space - and time - keeps hovering time in a world daily and fleeting . Fatal or free will the next role ? A dilemma in a show that basically starts with that the curtain down . The performer Maria Gadetsaki embodies the role of the female doll . The Voice is the role of arsenic masked . Absent but imposing This completes dual relationships that create poetry , modern dance , experimental music, video art.

A layered approach and treatment of the concept of human relations. Niki Chalkiadaki with lyrics of poetic collection "The Love of Pied de Coq» creates the "dolls" and invites you to touch areas of unexpected experience. The absence of despair and extreme mental transitions singular that longs to the dual number.

from the show at suita art cafe | Trikala, photos George Gkotsis.

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