christening cinematography

christening cinematography! Our treatment for filming / capturing a baptism. Escaping the formal recording of this day. An extremely difficult way to cover, however with impressive and interesting results. Advanced camera systems. Cinematic equipment and high definition cameras provide a highly professional result. Narrative, like cinematic production. We approach the standards of the documentary, trying to narrate, according to our aesthetics, what happened. Coverage is done by observing the foreground and the background of what’s happening. With the active and discreet participation of viewers throughout the shooting. However, the difference is now seen in the production process. Careful editing, the exploitation of the main scenes, the music investment and the switching of scenes from different cameras give us the lead in our betting. Enjoy your video as many times as you can see it. Leaving the picture to tell the child when after years he will see your unique relationship!

ένα υπέροχο βίντεο βάφτισης στην ΚατερίνηGiorgos Gotsis

from the filming of the baptism in Litochoro, a wonderful video

On the subject of exploring life and gaining experience, a retro wonderful video baptism in Katerini.
video βάφτισης περτούλι© 2018 giorgos gotsis

christening in central Greece, Pertouli mountain (video)

A very beautiful and joyful video of Athena's baptism that took place in Pertouli at the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Amidst spectacular landscapes that surround the setting and create an atmosphere!
βίντεο βάπτισης ζαγοροχώρια | baptism in Zagorohoria

video of traditional christening in Greece, Zagorochoria

A traditional baptism in Zagorohoria, in Kerasovo Konistas! A great video - trekking with traditional music and little surprises!
βίντεο βάπτισης Κατερίνη

Alkistis, the baptism in Katerini, an amazing video

and time passes fast.... We are in Katerini with Paris and Christina, this time for the baptism of Alkistis...

βίντεο βάπτισης Θήβα | christening video

The baptism of Phaedra in Thebes, the video trailer

From the filming of Phaedra's baptism in Thebes and the Games on the beach the trailer-video clip

The video-trailer of the Baptism of Constantine, Trikala

From the filming of Constantine's Baptism, the trailer-video clip that makes the mood, with the games with the parents and the legendary dip.

βιντεοσκόπηση βάπτισης στη Κύπρο | Cyprus christening video

Danae, excerpt from the filming of Baptism, Cyprus

The trailer from the baptism of Danae in Cyprus. The photo shoot, the dedication of grandma and endless games with the Maximus...

βίντεο βάπτισης τρίκαλα | christening videos

Nicoletta, the Desi baptism, Mantania tower. Video clip

From the baptism of Nicoletta to Desi and the Mantania tower. A video clip feature of Atithasoy character.

Excerpt from the filming of the baptism in Larissa, Myrsini

A small excerpt (video clip) from the filming of the baptism of Myrsini in Nice, Larissa. Starting with the preparation of...

Melina, baptism movie clip

with Spiros and Katerina had previously worked together. This time in our party found Melina. So on the occasion of the baptism, a short movie clip by filming. The baptism took place in a chapel in Trikala.

Maximus, a unique christening video clip

An absolutely unique and alternative clip from christening filming of Maximus in Anavyssos. starting from the process of preparation. Attribute singing grandmother, dedicated to little Maximus