event filmmakers

Event filmmakers based in Greece. A high-level performance of marriage or other events. The movie that flows somewhere between the event and the backstage, observing what happens in a discreet way. The video will narrate in its own way what happened and what we have lived. that will leave implied for what we felt. Top quality movie specifications. Continuously renewed equipment, with modern production techniques evolving every year.
So how do we deal with the video of a wedding event? Where do we count? What’s worth? Why are we talking about cinematography? Browse the samples to get an idea of how we are trying to approach an event and on the way we will try to find the way we get to your own result! To find out how to become personal and special and special, how special this day will be for you. Our goal, of course, is to have your own video unique!

ένα βίντεο απόσπασμα γάμου

Rice shoots… Isaiah dancing

The dance of Isaiah is most often the highlight of the Wedding. A video clip that you will see tens of kilos of rice trying to "root" the couple!
party cover

Mala Vida, from the awesome wedding party in Kythira

Suppose that the "unknown strangers" insist on orchestra at your wedding, but you have a mind to watch.... No problem, as long as you find the right ¨ orchestra "!!
wedding video in Athens | κινηματογράφηση γάμου Αθήνα

nasos & evita wedding video. athens

filming of a truly fantastic wedding in Mesogeia - Athens. A trailer video leftover fun with favorite friends from every part of the world, a stylish manor, with better mood, epic party and certainly with a lot of love from everyone involved .. .

save the date video lefkadagiorgos gotsis

Lefkada, on the way to the wedding (save the date)

A humorous Save the date video to keep the interest of friends alive until the wedding time comes!
pre-wedding videogiorgos gotsis

Bloody wedding diet (pre wedding video)

Can marriage be a dream... Yes, but what a dream... A creepy Save the date

pre-wedding party |NV club | Lefkada island

marriage began earlier with the guests to entertain and warm up for the wedding day.

βίντεο βάπτισης Κατερίνη

Alkistis, the baptism in Katerini, an amazing video

and time passes fast.... We are in Katerini with Paris and Christina, this time for the baptism of Alkistis...

βίντεο βάπτισης Θήβα | christening video

The baptism of Phaedra in Thebes, the video trailer

From the filming of Phaedra's baptism in Thebes and the Games on the beach the trailer-video clip

The video-trailer of the Baptism of Constantine, Trikala

From the filming of Constantine's Baptism, the trailer-video clip that makes the mood, with the games with the parents and the legendary dip.

alternative wedding film | εκπληκτικό βίντεο εναλλακτικού γάμου

“the journey”, an alternative wedding film of a peculiar marriage’ Greece

everyone who participated in this marriage will remember it. Without obligations, with many elements with positive energy.

touching wedding video

“be a dream” an emotional & touching wedding video in Kythira island

Kythira, a marriage that Nick and Catherine wanted to be a dream. And probably what happened. Traditional Cretan with top feelings that cause emotion and joy. With patched with lyre with beloved friends, raki and only love ...

video γάμου λευκάδα

Lefkada island, the wedding, the beach party. movie trailer

Destination Island of Lefkada for the filming of the wedding of Basil and Effie. Highlights from the beach party and marriage in the wedding film trailer.