event filmmakers

Event filmmakers based in Greece. A high-level performance of marriage or other events. The movie that flows somewhere between the event and the backstage, observing what happens in a discreet way. The video will narrate in its own way what happened and what we have lived. that will leave implied for what we felt. Top quality movie specifications. Continuously renewed equipment, with modern production techniques evolving every year.
So how do we deal with the video of a wedding event? Where do we count? What’s worth? Why are we talking about cinematography? Browse the samples to get an idea of how we are trying to approach an event and on the way we will try to find the way we get to your own result! To find out how to become personal and special and special, how special this day will be for you. Our goal, of course, is to have your own video unique!

“il martimonio” a romantic wedding teaser trailer, kastoria – nymfaio | Greece

Romantic and traditional video teaser trailer as the mood prevailing at the wedding of Spyros and Ria in Kastoria and the Nymphaeum.

wedding movie trailer

“people” Chios island Greece, a wedding movie trailer

On the island of Chios, in the marriage of George and Georgia, a fantastic couple and a unique "gang" seems that I will have the chance to be back this year.

“harley and rock ‘n’ roll” a must see wedding teaser trailer

Could bikers rock with Pontian lyra? could a traditional Pontian marriage be framed with Italian friends?

βιντεοσκόπηση βάπτισης στη Κύπρο | Cyprus christening video

Danae, excerpt from the filming of Baptism, Cyprus

The trailer from the baptism of Danae in Cyprus. The photo shoot, the dedication of grandma and endless games with the Maximus...

βίντεο βάπτισης τρίκαλα | christening videos

Nicoletta, the Desi baptism, Mantania tower. Video clip

From the baptism of Nicoletta to Desi and the Mantania tower. A video clip feature of Atithasoy character.

Saronida, Attiki & ble pavillion. wedding trailer of Dimitris & Alice marriage

From a wedding wherever you wandered my eyes always something happening. From wedding preparation  of groom and bride with her ​​lines of friends, until the incredible party to ble pavillion at Alimos.

“Swing” wedding teaser trailer, Giorgos & Vivi

In swing rhythms the trailer from the filming of the wedding of Giorgos & Vivis. The romantic mood, the anxious friends the party are part of this video, a little idea of the finished result

Plastira’s lake,wedding teaser trailer

Plastira's Lake huts of Fylaktis. From the fantastic wedding two imaginary guys, Thomas and Mary. Now the clip of their wedding. A big party. Fans undaunted keep the fun until the morning. The patrons of the hotel, seeing that there was no hope to sleep at night, they came down and have fun with us and the next day in the morning they all gather debris us ....

Excerpt from the filming of the baptism in Larissa, Myrsini

A small excerpt (video clip) from the filming of the baptism of Myrsini in Nice, Larissa. Starting with the preparation of...

Melina, baptism movie clip

with Spiros and Katerina had previously worked together. This time in our party found Melina. So on the occasion of the baptism, a short movie clip by filming. The baptism took place in a chapel in Trikala.

an emotional wedding teaser trailer, Apostolis & Eleni

Apostolis and Helen returned from N.Y. back to their homeland for their wedding. As is the custom in Greece, their marriage took place in the bride's hometown in Krania Aspropotamos. Many friends and relatives followed and celebrated together.
The following video is a different trailer than you had accustomed. The romantic mood and emotions dominate.

Giorgos Gotsis

Sophia, Yiannis the wedding short movie

Black reminiscent of film noir in many places, multiple shots, intense editing, music that I long to use ... the ultimate wedding clip in the other two basic tips: view it in full screen and turn on the speaker volume.