event filmmakers

Event filmmakers based in Greece. A high-level performance of marriage or other events. The movie that flows somewhere between the event and the backstage, observing what happens in a discreet way. The video will narrate in its own way what happened and what we have lived. that will leave implied for what we felt. Top quality movie specifications. Continuously renewed equipment, with modern production techniques evolving every year.
So how do we deal with the video of a wedding event? Where do we count? What’s worth? Why are we talking about cinematography? Browse the samples to get an idea of how we are trying to approach an event and on the way we will try to find the way we get to your own result! To find out how to become personal and special and special, how special this day will be for you. Our goal, of course, is to have your own video unique!

Giorgos and Evie, wedding clip

The video clip of the wedding of George and Evie, in Trikala. From the wedding preparations and the wedding party to our "trip" , the final short movie...

Leykada, Nydri. the movie from a wedding in to the blue

Lefkada / Nidri ...one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Ffrom a wedding we spent all memorable, which was fun until the morning pouring beers from the cellar of the ionian blue, danced barefoot ... from the marriage Dimitri and Vasso's , a short clip from the wedding movie.

Achilles + Stella wedding movie

Two sovereign states, two dominant segments in the video. The intense emotions go against incredible fun. Snapshots of inestimable value, de facto the following quote is just an idea. I am sure that all those involved in this wedding will be remembered for long. Large turnout of friends, partying till dawn, apistefto fun and party like "hangover" ...

Yiannis + Ioanna, wedding movie – Katerini

I have a different view for filming the wedding of one presented as fashion with clear influences from the other side of the Atlantic. The dispute with Greece is that here we have a soul, have real friends, have fun, have humor and emotions. Instead of "epic" video I am definitely in favor of trying to come out as a result of a video feature that can show what happened in a marriage now approaching the standards of a documentary.

Sophia, Yiannis, a pre-wedding movie

Understand people from the physiognomy but from the way you talk or even of how to send a mail. With John and Sophia talked months earlier and when we came in cooperation existed a relationship of mutual trust without ever have met ... I knew in advance that the increased requirements would be an enjoyable challenge for us.

Maximus, a unique christening video clip

An absolutely unique and alternative clip from christening filming of Maximus in Anavyssos. starting from the process of preparation. Attribute singing grandmother, dedicated to little Maximus