save the date wedding videos

save the date wedding videos! For those who marry not only the day but the process. It is the period that happens differently lovely thinks. Maybe you might want some more special way to notify your friends! Or even share with them on social networking pages. Videos made on the occasion of marriage but before the wedding day. Other videos with a humorous character, others perhaps more romantic depending on the character of the couple. You can also watch videos made during the wedding. Although during your wedding we participate as distinctly as this can happen for pre-wedding videos, you should keep in mind that your own effort and desire is needed as some scenes will have to be ”

Save the Date! which we will adapt to your character! We will concentrate on what you want to show and will make their appearance before your wedding!

We are months before the wedding scheduled in Lefkada, yet the procedures have begun… A video with humorous content that will keep the interest of friends in social networks until the wedding and will remind them of the date…. Read more

A “Save the date” video with thriller elements and of course a lot of humour.. Can marriage be a dream? Yes, but what a dream! Pretty much we all know the agony of losing the last two kilos until the wedding. But what happens when the effort goes beyond the limits?

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Understand people from the physiognomy but from the way you talk or even of how to send a mail. With John and Sophia talked months earlier and when we came in cooperation existed a relationship of mutual trust without ever have met I knew in advance that the increased requirements would be an enjoyable challenge for us.

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