your wedding highlights

your wedding highlights, your best moments!. Before you finish making your wedding video, before the post production,  you probably see what made us feel … stay tuned! They are usually video – wedding extracts that can be output without prior consultation. Depending on the destination and the time we have available, depending on what you have chosen to happen! It may be a small video that will be on the same day, or during our stay at a destination. The sure thing is that so we know if and how it will come out, so it is a pleasant surprise for anyone who sees it! Maybe the editing is not the one that would fit and it is sometimes made by smartphone (!!). Anyway, however, it is a favorite wedding video category as it keeps freshness in the spontaneity and enthusiasm of your wedding day. They are always interesting, it’s always a surprise!

πάρτυ γάμου στα Κύθηρα | Video of an amazing wedding party in Kythira, in kapsali aquadeck!

Video of an incredible wedding party in Kythira

I've been to a fantastic wedding party, this one belongs comfortably to the top five and I had to put out a quote from this party just to get ideas to the next! A small excerpt from the video

ένα βίντεο απόσπασμα γάμου

Rice shoots… Isaiah dancing

The dance of Isaiah is most often the highlight of the Wedding. A video clip that you will see tens of kilos of rice trying to "root" the couple!
party cover

Mala Vida, from the awesome wedding party in Kythira

Suppose that the "unknown strangers" insist on orchestra at your wedding, but you have a mind to watch.... No problem, as long as you find the right ¨ orchestra "!!

pre-wedding party |NV club | Lefkada island

marriage began earlier with the guests to entertain and warm up for the wedding day.