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we can talk about artistic event photography? is photography a fine art?; yes, definitely !. The way I face aesthetically every event is whether it’s wedding photos or baptism pictures. Either for the special moments of pregnancy. I notice and record the feelings that spring from it. Carefully framed and with great respect in the art of photography. I find myself discreetly in the events that take place in the foreground and in the background. I try with my own aesthetics to describe and transfer you through my pictures what you chose to share with me. The story of a unique and personal moment.

Can you have artistic pictures? Of course yes. Event photography is no different from the rest of the other kinds of photo. The photographer’s approach is the one that will make the difference that will give you a creative result and you will not be left in the recording and the “charming” portraits.

So you are in the unit that you can evaluate the look of a photographer and how he performs in real conditions. Wedding photos and baptism pictures. Authentic snapshots “stolen” at the right time!

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2002, 2021

baptism like a fairy tale in the park of St. George

By |20 February 2021|Categories: christenings photography|Tags: , |

Your Content Goes Here A christening based on the idea and concept of a well-known fairy tale that gave us fairytale photos and a shocking video Park of St. George, central Greece The baptism took place in the park of Ai Giorgis, in Trikala. But while designing it, we had a great idea ... To connect her photography with the story of a fairy tale. Daring, but successful as you will see in the following photos!Of course the implementation would not have had the same success if the parents did not give us the ...

203, 2019

wedding in Antiparos on white background

By |2 March 2019|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Wedding in Antiparos and pictures flooded my mind long ago. On the cult island of the Cyclades, the photos wanting and not acquiring this minimal character imposed by the white background and the blue of the sea.

2102, 2019

baptism in the mountain of Konitsa

By |21 February 2019|Categories: christenings photography|Tags: , |

Your Content Goes Here Four kids ... you can imagine it! Although the argument of such a photo seems unlikely I can say with certainty that I had the best collaboration with my little friends! in Konitsa, on the banks of Voidomatis A family of heroes with four children decided to do the baptism in their native village. And so our roads joined in a wonderful destination, in Konitsa. This was the main theme of the baptism and of course the photography. So each photo will travel you on paths ...

402, 2019

the unforgettable moments of marriage in Chios

By |4 February 2019|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , , , |

A wedding festive and cheerful. A great company with close friends. Spontaneous, authentic moments that just happen to be reflected on the camera lens!

2001, 2019

corfu, a marriage with Venetian finesse

By |20 January 2019|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Corfu, an island with Venetian influences, with colors, with traditional places unchanged, with Venetian alleys that want and will not pass the finesse and character to the whole marriage. If you are thinking of a romantic and classic wedding, then perhaps Corfu should be included in your choices!

1901, 2019

A beautiful vintage christening in Larissa

By |19 January 2019|Categories: christenings photography|Tags: |

A beautiful baptism that will take you back in time. All the choices reminiscent of another era and necessarily the style of photography follows the same vintage street. In the Metaxochori of Larissa the time has left it intact!

1412, 2018

romantic wedding at Grand Meteora hotel

By |14 December 2018|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

The story of a romantic wedding in Meteora through a wonderful photography. The special scenery, the Byzantine church and the thoughtful decoration combined with the luxurious atmosphere of the Grand Meteora Hotel will make you love this wedding!

212, 2018

wedding and christening on sea soul beach, Nea Makri

By |2 December 2018|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

The wedding photography and the baptism that took place together at the sea soul of Nea Makri. Excellent choices that reminded island and a special ceremony in the sea!


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