christenings photography

Christenings photography

Christenings photography… Of the most difficult photographic procedures, in order to have a remarkable result! We have to do with little “models” that have to follow their own way … Any photography has to do with children is a lot more difficult. You see with little children you can not get along and what to do is to follow the children themselves in their reactions. Baptism is more difficult because children have a passive role during the ceremony.
For christenings photography, we try to get away from the established portrait-photography. By using photoreporting techniques to cover it, we deliver results over time. We place emphasis on the visual character of artistic photography as it fits into such an event. A style of photography so that the child himself can have an idea of what had happened …
Gorgeous pictures dedicated to our little heroes who, although resisted with courage, eventually bent …
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2002, 2021

baptism like a fairy tale in the park of St. George

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Your Content Goes Here A christening based on the idea and concept of a well-known fairy tale that gave us fairytale photos and a shocking video Park of St. George, central Greece The baptism took place in the park of Ai Giorgis, in Trikala. But while designing it, we had a great idea ... To connect her photography with the story of a fairy tale. Daring, but successful as you will see in the following photos!Of course the implementation would not have had the same success if the parents did not give us the ...

2102, 2019

baptism in the mountain of Konitsa

By |21 February 2019|Categories: christenings photography|Tags: , |

Your Content Goes Here Four kids ... you can imagine it! Although the argument of such a photo seems unlikely I can say with certainty that I had the best collaboration with my little friends! in Konitsa, on the banks of Voidomatis A family of heroes with four children decided to do the baptism in their native village. And so our roads joined in a wonderful destination, in Konitsa. This was the main theme of the baptism and of course the photography. So each photo will travel you on paths ...

1901, 2019

A beautiful vintage christening in Larissa

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A beautiful baptism that will take you back in time. All the choices reminiscent of another era and necessarily the style of photography follows the same vintage street. In the Metaxochori of Larissa the time has left it intact!

2107, 2017

the wonderful photos from the baptism at the residence, athens

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Wonderful photos from baptism at the residence in Tatoi, Athens. And it was wonderful because everything went great on the one hand and on the other hand, our little girl, it was really a doll! …

2101, 2014

Cyprus, Danae cristening and playtime photos

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I honestly do not know if I will be able to reciprocate sometime this hospitality, but I hope to happen ... In Cyprus, our destination for the christening of Danae, starting with a family photo shoot in Larnaca on Foinikoudes with temperature conditions, we have not really used. Luckily our little model, Danae seemed very amused during the shooting.


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