christenings photography

Christenings photography

Christenings photography… Of the most difficult photographic procedures, in order to have a remarkable result! We have to do with little “models” that have to follow their own way … Any photography has to do with children is a lot more difficult. You see with little children you can not get along and what to do is to follow the children themselves in their reactions. Baptism is more difficult because children have a passive role during the ceremony.
For christenings photography, we try to get away from the established portrait-photography. By using photoreporting techniques to cover it, we deliver results over time. We place emphasis on the visual character of artistic photography as it fits into such an event. A style of photography so that the child himself can have an idea of what had happened …
Gorgeous pictures dedicated to our little heroes who, although resisted with courage, eventually bent …
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607, 2012

Alexandros, christening photoshooting

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The Invitational with a jar of sweet and favors baptism we waited in his room Efharis in Pyrrha. It was definitely the sweetest reception we have done ... I have to say that for a strange reason, we work with very nice people this time than the same pair and godmother and friends made ​​us feel immediately a company.

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