destination wedding photography
destination wedding photography, i found my self  in great places with lovely people! Dare to escape at your wedding. Leave behind every obligation and live your marriage as you really dreamed it! And really imagine the feeling: Be with your partner in the place that left you the best memories. Marry at the place that made you fall in love. Being together with dearness people you love. Far from any mandatory must. Far from everything supposed.
We are fortunate to find ourselves in truly beautiful places through our work. We have met wonderful people. We have fantastic marriages. We have gained unforgettable experiences and have shared our hearts with loved couples. Every photo with its own special character. Each marriage is a new challenge that we are waiting for in agony. The photos “steal” moments and are enriched with magic. The magic that manages to invade every image and is created by your own emotion and aura.

destination Kastoria - Nymfeo, Spyros & Ria wedding in Greece

I find it a bit difficult to describe this wedding , I have enough time to think about how I can connect everything that happened ... The photographic evidence must be " tie " is Macedonia , Kastoria , the Nymphaeum , a traditional Cretan wedding held away from Crete , Italians friends ... and much more! .

alex & christina's wedding photoshooting

One of the first weddings of the season and the few we had this year in our city, in Trikala. You have to admit that the unconventional photographic effect I had from the wedding make me proud... more fashionable than usual, but I was inspired by the style of their wedding. The process started from the house of Alex, the situation seemed a bit with the movie "coffee and cigarettes" as a backdrop and as dialogues, and rather resembled nothing that comes to wedding preparation.

Dimitri & Alice, wedding in Saronida, Attiki

I love working with quiet people who trust my work, I like to participate in a well organized weddings. In every marriage become part of this to be able ultimately to describe the photo. In the end, the more I feel all my people and the couple and their parents and guests ...

Harley & rock'n'roll. Paris & Christina, an artistic wedding photo shooting

Maybe you are the best pictures from the wedding of Paris and Christina in Katerini , but perhaps not, since this time really struggled to pick out some photos for this post and not to put them all ... ... their marriage gave us so much material , moreover, became so much and I do not know if briefly manage to convey the story below. Their marriage took place ... in the entire prefecture of Pieria . There were many elements that had to be " tied " to exit the post.

a wedding and a baptism

The moments may be few, but the way we met, by acceptance of your friends who could be my own friends and I felt part of your party and enjoyed it.

Alexander and Christina wedding in Greece

The exemplary organization, friends in a bad mood, cocktails flawlessly. It was the times we forgot the time. We started with the preparation of Alexander and Christina, to their friends and bridesmaids, it seemed from the beginning that we would have "theme". In the church, the of Panagia flawless Fortisimo accompanied the bride and companionship lasted guests on "thessalis" until ...

Plastira's lake, Tom + Maria's marriage

Our destination this time the lake Plastira in huts Fylaktis for a loving couple full of humor and positive energy. With Thomas and Maria met long ago on the occasion of their wedding. Although the distance that separates us is great we were several times before the wedding occasion shooting video Invitational, which several of his friends would have seen.

an artistic wedding photoshooting. Apostolis + Eleni, from Buffalo N.Y.

Apostolis & Eleni, return to Greece for their wedding. Μany friends, many relatives followed. Τheir marriage was in Mantania Tower, in one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Greece. I was their wedding photographer and I confess that I spent with them just great.

destination wedding, Syvota - Parga

In Sivota, somewhere between Parga and Igoumenitsa overlooking the Ionian Sea and the southern part of Corfu started photographing Sotiris and Dimitra, from the previous day with a walk on the beach in Sivota.

Yiannis + Sophia, Lamia wedding shooting

His first marriage in 2012, shortly after entering our lives. Many times I consider my responsibility for the result, few of you will understand it, those who have spent a little more time in the site may be noticing.

wedding photoshooting in Paros Island, St.Fokas

Maybe sometimes clientelism and the assumption of coverage of a single wedding overcome and maybe the photographer to become what familiar face from a single photographer. The occasion of this deferred post was a school for another marriage of Mary.

destination Leykada, Nydri. wedding photoshooting

Are some people to win over the most simple way. A smile. So we met Vaso, Dimitri and their young. With a smile ... Our destination this time Lefkada, which is not unjustly declared the island of poets. Inspiring ... Dimitris and Vaso choose Lefkada for their wedding, a wedding away from the place of residence is anyway difficult to organize the more so when "help" and a baby a few months. Making right choices but there exists a remarkable effect on the whole.