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we can talk about artistic event photography? is photography a fine art?; yes, definitely !. The way I face aesthetically every event is whether it’s wedding photos or baptism pictures. Either for the special moments of pregnancy. I notice and record the feelings that spring from it. Carefully framed and with great respect in the art of photography. I find myself discreetly in the events that take place in the foreground and in the background. I try with my own aesthetics to describe and transfer you through my pictures what you chose to share with me. The story of a unique and personal moment.

Can you have artistic pictures? Of course yes. Event photography is no different from the rest of the other kinds of photo. The photographer’s approach is the one that will make the difference that will give you a creative result and you will not be left in the recording and the “charming” portraits.

So you are in the unit that you can evaluate the look of a photographer and how he performs in real conditions. Wedding photos and baptism pictures. Authentic snapshots “stolen” at the right time!

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608, 2014

wedding and next day photoshooting, Plastiras Lake, Bill & Evi

By |6 August 2014|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

A spontaneous couple gave me corresponding images with visual interest of their marriage, and a separate result from shooting the next day at Plastira's Lake.

2207, 2014

wedding photoshooting & next day at Pelion. Bill and Vasso

By |22 July 2014|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , |

An excellent wedding photoshooting , a peculiar love story, an adorable couple who has chosen to create his life away from his place in Massachusetts, and myself, a photographer who I was lucky to share moments, photos, love and appreciation of marriage of Basil & Vasso.

1304, 2014

Ancient Olympia & the retro cars, the wedding shooting and the location in Kaiafas springs

By |13 April 2014|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , |

In ancient Olympia, quite far from our headquarters we were to photograph the wedding of Helen and Taki. If had something like the image feature this marriage, it would definitely retro cars that accompanied us. Perhaps this influenced the retro mood of the photos on the performance of marriage.

2201, 2014

wedding photography in Mykonos island

By |22 January 2014|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , , , , |

Mykonos obviously needs no introduction, probably from the most famous islands in the world. So... in Mykonos for photographing the mariagge of Anthony and Mary and the christening of little Elias. The ideal time, the island had at our disposal, entering from the day we arrived on the wedding mood, with a drink the night before. The next day at the children's home there was the usual wedding panic, Elias one of the most easy-going and smiling kids I've ever met had not woken up yet but their friends did not intend to stay quiet for long ...

2101, 2014

Cyprus, Danae cristening and playtime photos

By |21 January 2014|Categories: christenings photography|Tags: , |

I honestly do not know if I will be able to reciprocate sometime this hospitality, but I hope to happen ... In Cyprus, our destination for the christening of Danae, starting with a family photo shoot in Larnaca on Foinikoudes with temperature conditions, we have not really used. Luckily our little model, Danae seemed very amused during the shooting.

2012, 2013

destination Kastoria – Nymfeo, Spyros & Ria wedding in Greece

By |20 December 2013|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , , , , , |

I find it a bit difficult to describe this wedding , I have enough time to think about how I can connect everything that happened ... The photographic evidence must be " tie " is Macedonia , Kastoria , the Nymphaeum , a traditional Cretan wedding held away from Crete , Italians friends ... and much more! .

412, 2013

alex & christina’s wedding photoshooting

By |4 December 2013|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

One of the first weddings of the season and the few we had this year in our city, in Trikala. You have to admit that the unconventional photographic effect I had from the wedding make me proud... more fashionable than usual, but I was inspired by the style of their wedding. The process started from the house of Alex, the situation seemed a bit with the movie "coffee and cigarettes" as a backdrop and as dialogues, and rather resembled nothing that comes to wedding preparation.

110, 2013

Dimitri & Alice, wedding in Saronida, Attiki

By |1 October 2013|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

I love working with quiet people who trust my work, I like to participate in a well organized weddings. In every marriage become part of this to be able ultimately to describe the photo. In the end, the more I feel all my people and the couple and their parents and guests ...

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