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we can talk about artistic event photography? is photography a fine art?; yes, definitely !. The way I face aesthetically every event is whether it’s wedding photos or baptism pictures. Either for the special moments of pregnancy. I notice and record the feelings that spring from it. Carefully framed and with great respect in the art of photography. I find myself discreetly in the events that take place in the foreground and in the background. I try with my own aesthetics to describe and transfer you through my pictures what you chose to share with me. The story of a unique and personal moment.

Can you have artistic pictures? Of course yes. Event photography is no different from the rest of the other kinds of photo. The photographer’s approach is the one that will make the difference that will give you a creative result and you will not be left in the recording and the “charming” portraits.

So you are in the unit that you can evaluate the look of a photographer and how he performs in real conditions. Wedding photos and baptism pictures. Authentic snapshots “stolen” at the right time!

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1806, 2013

Harley & rock’n’roll. Paris & Christina, an artistic wedding photo shooting

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Maybe you are the best pictures from the wedding of Paris and Christina in Katerini , but perhaps not, since this time really struggled to pick out some photos for this post and not to put them all ... ... their marriage gave us so much material , moreover, became so much and I do not know if briefly manage to convey the story below. Their marriage took place ... in the entire prefecture of Pieria . There were many elements that had to be " tied " to exit the post.

1902, 2013

Alexander and Christina wedding in Greece

By |19 February 2013|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: |

The exemplary organization, friends in a bad mood, cocktails flawlessly. It was the times we forgot the time. We started with the preparation of Alexander and Christina, to their friends and bridesmaids, it seemed from the beginning that we would have "theme". In the church, the of Panagia flawless Fortisimo accompanied the bride and companionship lasted guests on "thessalis" until ...

711, 2012

Plastira’s lake, Tom + Maria’s marriage

By |7 November 2012|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

Our destination this time the lake Plastira in huts Fylaktis for a loving couple full of humor and positive energy. With Thomas and Maria met long ago on the occasion of their wedding. Although the distance that separates us is great we were several times before the wedding occasion shooting video Invitational, which several of his friends would have seen.

1909, 2012

an artistic wedding photoshooting. Apostolis + Eleni, from Buffalo N.Y.

By |19 September 2012|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

Apostolis & Eleni, return to Greece for their wedding. Μany friends, many relatives followed. Τheir marriage was in Mantania Tower, in one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Greece. I was their wedding photographer and I confess that I spent with them just great.

607, 2012

Alexandros, christening photoshooting

By |6 July 2012|Categories: christenings photography|Tags: |

The Invitational with a jar of sweet and favors baptism we waited in his room Efharis in Pyrrha. It was definitely the sweetest reception we have done ... I have to say that for a strange reason, we work with very nice people this time than the same pair and godmother and friends made ​​us feel immediately a company.

501, 2012

Yiannis + Sophia, Lamia wedding shooting

By |5 January 2012|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

His first marriage in 2012, shortly after entering our lives. Many times I consider my responsibility for the result, few of you will understand it, those who have spent a little more time in the site may be noticing.

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