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we can talk about artistic event photography? is photography a fine art?; yes, definitely !. The way I face aesthetically every event is whether it’s wedding photos or baptism pictures. Either for the special moments of pregnancy. I notice and record the feelings that spring from it. Carefully framed and with great respect in the art of photography. I find myself discreetly in the events that take place in the foreground and in the background. I try with my own aesthetics to describe and transfer you through my pictures what you chose to share with me. The story of a unique and personal moment.

Can you have artistic pictures? Of course yes. Event photography is no different from the rest of the other kinds of photo. The photographer’s approach is the one that will make the difference that will give you a creative result and you will not be left in the recording and the “charming” portraits.

So you are in the unit that you can evaluate the look of a photographer and how he performs in real conditions. Wedding photos and baptism pictures. Authentic snapshots “stolen” at the right time!

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612, 2011

wedding photoshooting in Paros Island, St.Fokas

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Maybe sometimes clientelism and the assumption of coverage of a single wedding overcome and maybe the photographer to become what familiar face from a single photographer. The occasion of this deferred post was a school for another marriage of Mary.
2809, 2011

destination Leykada, Nydri. wedding photoshooting

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Are some people to win over the most simple way. A smile. So we met Vaso, Dimitri and their young. With a smile ... Our destination this time Lefkada, which is not unjustly declared the island of poets. Inspiring ... Dimitris and Vaso choose Lefkada for their wedding, a wedding away from the place of residence is anyway difficult to organize the more so when "help" and a baby a few months. Making right choices but there exists a remarkable effect on the whole.

2509, 2011

destination wedding, Katerini, mediterranean resort

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In Katerini, with the best combination of Olympus and the sea we were to shoot the wedding of John and Joanna. The process of photographing classic began with the preparation of the bride and groom. At the home of John that his friends came close to empty the pool by diving & Ioanna's home, hanging out with her friends. The ceremony was held in a chapel on the slopes of Mt. Olympus the mountain with incredible energy ... and coolness.

2009, 2011

winter snow wedding mainland greece, Sotiris and Katerina

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Marriages in winter has its particularity, the landscape becomes more austere. Photographing we made outdoors with enough cold. Going the way for Pertouli encountered snow. Admittedly Catherine seemed the most durable of all of us and the most courageous. When everyone had begun to tremble from the cold Caterina continued unabated, Sotiris missing some shots, trying to regain its normal color.

1309, 2011

Alexander + Athanasia, a romantic wedding in Thebes

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The marriage in Thebes of Alexander and Immortality. In an emotionally charged atmosphere, it's hard to say anything more.  I might call it the best photo shoot for 2011, because of the intense emotion that comes from the photos. I know that for a mere observer, that's not the case. Personally, it's true. I hope it applies to you, Alexander and immortality, I hope you dikaiwsame your choice.

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