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christening videos and trailers

christening movie trailers

a short but impressive video!

From the process of producing the christening videos and before the final result comes out, your trailer. Some christening movie trailers with careful editing, photographic footage and a fitting musical investment that will show you in a few minutes what you are going to see. Ideal to remind you in a few minutes what has happened and share it with your friends!

christening videos in Greece

modern documentary style christening movies & trailers

Christening videos from traditional events in Greece. Our treatment for filming – videography, goes beyond the formal record of this day. We approach the standards of the documentary, trying to tell according to our aesthetics what happened to your baptism. The coverage is done by observing the foreground and background of what’s happening, with the active and discreet involvement of the viewers throughout the shootings. An extremely difficult way to filming, however with impressive and interesting results for your christening videos.

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