christenings photographer

based in Greece

Welcome, i’m Giorgos Gotsis, christenings photographer bassed in Greece. Escaping from the most trivial and usual recording, emphasizing emotions, events and situations and the unique moments they are developing. Of the most difficult photographic processes to make a remarkable result, having to do with models that have to follow their own way … Any kind of photography has to do with children is a lot more difficult, the same is true for baptism pictures. You see with little children you can not get along and what to do is to follow the kids themselves in their reactions. Baptism makes things harder because children have a passive role during the ceremony …

spontaneous, authentic images

As christenings photographer trying to avoid from the established portrait-photography. By following journalism and reportage techniques to cover baptism, we deliver results over time, emphasizing the visual character of artistic photography, as it fits into such an event. A style of photography so that the child himself can have an idea of what had happened …

Dedicated to our little heroes who, although resisted with courage, eventually bent …

βιντεοσκόπηση βάπτισης

You like it?

A beautiful baptism that will take you back in time. All the choices reminiscent of another era and necessarily the style of photography follows the same vintage street. In the Metaxochori of Larissa the time has left it intact!

Wonderful photos from baptism at the residence in Tatoi, Athens. And it was wonderful because everything went great on the one hand and on the other hand, our little girl, it was really a doll!

φωτογραφίες βάπτισης στην Κατερίνη

Although Alcestis was only a few months, the christening photoshooting went excellent. Maybe our relationship with Paris and Christina,

The baptism of Alexander, became in Pertouli – Trikala, in the chapel of the Virgin Mary.

The baptism of mission, in a few photos as a whole is really many. Somewhere between the endless destinations we had this summer, we had the opportunity for a more relaxing weekend in Trikala.

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