The marriage in Thebes of Alexander and Immortality. In an emotionally charged atmosphere, it's hard to say anything more. I might call it the best photo shoot for 2011, because of the intense emotion that comes from the photos. I know that for a mere observer, that's not the case. Personally, it's true. I hope it applies to you, Alexander and immortality, I hope you dikaiwsame your choice.

The first shots are the day before the wedding when together with the close friends preparing the "Terpsichore".

Wedding Thiva-1

Wedding Thiva-2

Wedding Thiva-3

Wedding Thiva-5

Wedding Thiva-4

Wedding Thiva-9

Wedding Thiva-6

Wedding Thiva-7

Wedding Thiva-8

Wedding Thiva-13

Wedding Thiva-16

Wedding Thiva-19

Wedding Thiva-11-12

Wedding Thiva-17

Wedding Thiva-10

Wedding Thiva-18

Wedding Thiva-14

Wedding Thiva-15

Wedding Thiva-20

Wedding Thiva-21

Wedding Thiva-22

Wedding Thiva-24

Wedding Thiva-30

Wedding Thiva-23

Wedding Thiva-29

Wedding Thiva-34

Wedding Thiva-36

Wedding Thiva-38

Wedding Thiva-42

Wedding Thiva-52

Wedding Thiva-53

Wedding Thiva-61

Wedding Thiva-50

Wedding Thiva-49

Wedding Thiva-32

Wedding Thiva-33

Wedding Thiva-46

Wedding Thiva-35

Wedding Thiva-41

Wedding Thiva-45

Wedding Thiva-51

Wedding Thiva-54

Wedding Thiva-56

Wedding Thiva-58

Wedding Thiva-59

Wedding Thiva-62

Wedding Thiva-63

Wedding Thiva-64

Wedding Thiva-73

Wedding Thiva-74

Wedding Thiva-65

Wedding Thiva-67

Wedding Thiva-68

Wedding Thiva-69

Wedding Thiva-70

Wedding Thiva-79

Wedding Thiva-75

Wedding Thiva-77

Wedding Thiva-78

Wedding Thiva-86

Wedding Thiva-76

Wedding Thiva-87

Wedding Thiva-81

Wedding Thiva-83

Wedding Thiva-84

Wedding Thiva-85

Wedding Thiva-66

Wedding Thiva-90

Wedding Thiva-91

Wedding Thiva-92

Wedding Thiva-93

Wedding Thiva-94

Wedding Thiva-95

Wedding Thiva-99

Wedding Thiva-100

Wedding Thiva-104

Wedding Thiva-97

Wedding Thiva-101

Wedding Thiva-102

Wedding Thiva-106

Wedding Thiva-105

Wedding Thiva-107

Wedding Thiva-108

Wedding Thiva-109

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By Published On: 13 September 20114.7 min readCategories: destination wedding photography
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