Aesthetics and chemistry above all. If you are concerned about the subject of your wedding photo and you are not just looking for a photographer to cover your event, these are two things that you need to give importance … If you are aesthetically pleased, his look, his view, his result is what you would like then you have reached 50% in your photographer’s choice. The remaining 50% is chemistry.
With your wedding photographer you will work for the result. If you yourself do not demand the best, if you are not willing to work for the result, you will not get a good result. Do not be misunderstood, I’m not talking about set poses, it belongs to the above category, aesthetics. To the photographer what you have to judge is the look of his aesthetics and his personality. With him you will spend too many hours together. It is he who has to work more for you. You have to match, feel that even a coffee out of wedlock can be drunk. For example, if you have a couple-like humor, make sure your photographer has no sense of humor. Otherwise, the results will seem to you to be inappropriate.