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You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about marriage coverage in Greece, about photography  and videography. We believe that much of your queries will be solved about how we work and deal with marriage in general.

Are you traveling to marriage coverage?2021-04-27T20:06:27+02:00

Of course, as you have seen in the samples of our work, we have traveled many destinations. We like traveling, we like to know people and new customs. The cost of travel is added to your overall set.

with what criteria to choose a photographer for my wedding?2021-04-27T20:05:29+02:00
Aesthetics and chemistry above all. If you are concerned about the subject of your wedding photo and you are not just looking for a photographer to cover your event, these are two things that you need to give importance … If you are aesthetically pleased, his look, his view, his result is what you would like then you have reached 50% in your photographer’s choice. The remaining 50% is chemistry.
With your wedding photographer you will work for the result. If you yourself do not demand the best, if you are not willing to work for the result, you will not get a good result. Do not be misunderstood, I’m not talking about set poses, it belongs to the above category, aesthetics. To the photographer what you have to judge is the look of his aesthetics and his personality. With him you will spend too many hours together. It is he who has to work more for you. You have to match, feel that even a coffee out of wedlock can be drunk. For example, if you have a couple-like humor, make sure your photographer has no sense of humor. Otherwise, the results will seem to you to be inappropriate.
at what stage of wedding organization do I need to find a photographer?2021-04-27T20:04:45+02:00

In organizing your wedding, everything you can try, wear them and if you change your mind at the last minute, just try something else. The only thing you’ll see after your wedding, without having any idea what this will be before, is the result of the photos, and unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your choice) you will not be able to change it. (Do not forget that all samples you see are for other couples with different shooting conditions and not you). There you will definitely have to follow your instincts and do a serious market research to find the person you are going to work with. The effect of your wedding photography is influenced and shaped by everything that happens in your wedding, from every detail you can not imagine. A proficient professional photographer will give you a lot of tips on what you need to watch, what to avoid. I suggest that you start from there, get out of the winners …

what steps do you cover at each marriage?2021-04-27T20:03:58+02:00

Typically the marriage coverage in Greece starts from preparation, continues at the ceremony and at the reception. But we plan differently our action according to the needs of each couple we are working on and our planning at each marriage is different.

I do not feel comfortable in front of the lens …2021-04-27T20:03:09+02:00

is the second most common quote … I would suggest you leave them as you should and be yourself in general. It is essential to have a good time at your wedding. Do not try to look “somewhat” in the camera because this effort will seem to be just your self. Besides, our marriages are not based on professional models, they are with everyday people. On the other hand, we try to work discreetly knowing that no one else should be the protagonist of marriage except you …

is it necessary to shoot the day after?2021-04-27T20:02:34+02:00

The indispensable is what you like and want as a result. The next day’s photography has many positive results and I definitely recommend it. The outcome of the marriage process is very different. But if it does not express you … do not do it! Just for clarification, you will not have pictures like those that happen next day, the same day of your wedding.

what kind of album will I receive?2021-04-27T20:00:51+02:00

The photo albums we use and recommend are digital printed. We do not provide classic albums. The albums we offer looks clear,, they have a simple composition and are quite rich in content.

how many photos will the album contain?2021-04-27T19:59:30+02:00

The most important thing is if the photos that the album contains will be what you would like if they are representative of you. There are a lot of options for the albums anyway, depending on the case we suggest you. The biggest thing with an album is to describe your wedding story in a beautiful way and that should concern you more. So I think most importantly your photographer will handle the entire wedding cover. There are, however, different types of albums that may contain 80-100 photos and other types that contain 300+ photos.

how are the albums made?2021-04-27T19:58:12+02:00

The appearance and composition of the albums is generally simple so that the photos are presented in the best possible way. For the selection of photos you can see the solutions in our newsletter that we send you in case of cooperation.

what is the best album I can choose?2021-04-27T19:57:23+02:00

The best album you can choose is what will have the best and most representative photos for you. No album will look beautiful, from whatever material it is made, if its content, its photographs and the story it describes is not what you would like to have …

do I see natural album samples?2021-04-27T19:55:59+02:00

we can not send you physical samples, but below you can see some photos of our albums so you get a more complete picture.

do you have a drone?2021-04-27T19:45:47+02:00

Although I do not consider it a panacea for the wedding coverage video, answering the most common question of the past few years … yes we have.

what equipment do you have?2021-04-27T19:44:55+02:00

Our equipment for marriage coverage in Greece, includes a host of professional cameras and many lenses (primes and variables) for every occasion. Apart from the cameras there are similar support equipment (sliders, gimbals etc.). We use them occasionally to get the best result for you.

what is 4k?2021-04-27T19:40:51+02:00

4k UHD is the analysis of the video image. Image resolution is 3840 × 2160 pixels. Of course you need a similar screen to watch 4k video. Of course there is the ability to produce 4k.

how long does a wedding or christening video last?2021-04-27T19:39:58+02:00

The truth is that the times when there was a camera set up and recorded whoever was going in front of her, I want to believe that they have gone irretrievably! The videos are now more narrative and more enjoyable. However, I can not give a clear answer if there is not a chat between us. There are many factors that can determine it!

can I have all the shots you will shoot without editing?2021-04-27T19:39:10+02:00

Sorry not! All shots in wedding-baptism cover are made after some design. (let’s say storyboard). It makes no sense to have them before they are combined in the editing, this cancels our efforts.

can i suggest music for the video?2021-04-27T19:34:48+02:00

Definitely yes, it is something that would help us and obviously would make it even more enjoyable for you. You will understand the type of music we prefer from the trailers on our page.

why did we talk about cinematography?2021-04-27T19:33:02+02:00

cinematography is a term that has become relatively recent in terminology. Many times (most) are being misused. In order to talk about cinematography, many parameters have to be taken into account. Initially we are talking about project performance rather than event logging. Then there is the equipment to be used that should be able to simulate the cinematic image. Finally, the production process involves more demanding editing and other techniques used in cinema. A combination of all the above makes us talking about “cinematography”.

how do you designate your style?2021-04-27T19:31:35+02:00

The photo style is reportage – journalistic type. We do not pursue staged posters in wedding coverage, just participate and watch by trying to describe through the pictures that it has happened to your wedding. The style is modified for the next day’s process but we have the same treatment.

how many pictures will I get from coverage?2021-04-27T19:30:23+02:00

Generally from full typical marriage coverage in Greece you will have about 700-900 photos, for baptism respectively 350-450. Of course, the number can be changed depending on what you will do at your wedding, how many guests you will have, what your activity is, whether your political or religious ceremony, etc. For example, choosing the next day will raise the final set of photos .

do you edit your photos?2021-04-27T19:29:31+02:00

Yes, all of them. The result you receive will be corrected according to my own personal style as a whole. (not retouched).

is retouching the photos?2021-04-27T19:28:50+02:00

As a rule no. However, if you want a fix for specific files, the correction will be done by an external partner and will be charged per file. (retouch is the correction of imperfections which are not the responsibility of the photographer, for example: correction of imperfections in the skin, background correction, etc.)

can we suggest some poses?2021-04-27T19:26:56+02:00

Apart from family photos, no. This is not the way we work. But we certainly need to know what is important to you in marriage, what is going to happen, how it is organized, etc. so that we are prepared for your wedding.

take family poses?2021-04-27T19:25:58+02:00

Yes, although the style is a photojournalism, we spend time on classic family photos that we think is useful to exist, whatever, it is a classic process from wedding coverage.

do you deliver photo files and what kind?2021-04-27T19:25:11+02:00

Yes, we deliver the photo files to .jpg files in a size that you can print at any time anywhere. We also deliver a package of files for use on the internet that you can send to friends by email or for use on social networks. “RAW” untreated files are not delivered.

black and white and color photos2021-04-27T19:22:26+02:00

You will probably have seen in the samples that the bulk is colored, but there are also black-and-white photographs. If some photos are delivered BW they have a reason that is black and white and can not be colored. However, you can ask for your wedding to have more than one type or the other, or if you prefer to be exclusively colored or black and white. If there is no specific reason why you prefer one or the other kind, better leave it to your photographer’s judgment.


We keep multiple back-ups from wedding coverage until the result reaches you. After delivering the results, you are solely responsible for maintaining your own backup and secure file storage.

is there a second photographer?2021-04-27T19:20:13+02:00

In every marriage coverage in Greece, I usually work alone. Of course, depending on the circumstances, there may be an assistant (eg lights etc.). If you believe that a second photographer is needed, you should inform us as soon as possible about this and we will take care of it with the corresponding charge

do you have spare equipment?2021-04-27T19:16:53+02:00

Yes, there is spare equipment so that in any circumstance we can continue our activity.

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