A wonderful baptism video, as a result of her filming in Litochoro. Inspired by the overall theme, perhaps the title of the video could be …

Getting Started Exploring Life!

Exploration starts from the narrow environment since the first experiences are clearly within the family. How much big explorer you have to do is also about the stimuli you will get from an early age. Books and binoculars, a globe, a retro car, magnifying glasses and cameras are elements of the baptism and thus point to the beginning of a long journey of experience acquisition! The whole video is definitely a nostalgic mood for the adventures of our childhood …

the christening in Litochoro, Pieria

The baptism took place at the foot of Mount Olympus in Litochoro, at the church of St. Nicholas. The decoration is once again impressive, with so many beautiful elements connected to the theme of exploration. But for our photography we found a beautiful place with a retro sense we were looking for.

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video βάφτισης περτούλιchristening in central Greece, Pertouli mountain (video)