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Welcome! I’m George Gotsis, a wedding photographer. Breaking away from the most trivial and ordinary recording, emphasizing the emotions, the facts and the situations and the unique moments that develop. As a wedding photographer, I strive for the special and artistic result that will make us proud when it reaches your hands, but it will also make you proud of your choice. In this area you will find the latest photos. So evaluate it and be inspired by the stimuli that each couple gives us.

But who would you consider the best photographer for your case, since you will see the result afterwards? Probably the best wedding photographer to be the one who will manage to evoke emotions that you would like to experience in your own wedding!

creative moodexploratory look

with emphasis on unique snapshots!

Wedding photography is a process where nothing is standard. There are emotions that provoke various reactions that you do not expect. Wedding photographers need to be able to deal with all of these difficult but extremely interesting situations.

And if all these are situations that all wedding photographers face, the key is how everyone perceives and reacts to them. On the one hand there is the coverage of the event and on the other hand the willingness to create. How can a wedding photographer deal with both? Which prevails? A good photographic result must be creative and at the same time remain timeless!

let’s fun together!

giorgos gotsis photographer

what do you expect

from your wedding photographer?


The way I approach wedding photography through some indicative shots. The style that interests me is reportage. I can not stand the set shots, I like the spontaneous and the authentic.

Immediately after, the whole wedding photography from the pre wedding and the preparation of the groom and the bride to the photography of the next day!



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