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Welcome! I’m Giorgos Gotsis, freelancer wedding photographer based in Greece. Escaping from the most trivial and usual recording, emphasizing emotions, events and situations and the unique moments they are developing. As a wedding photographer, I strive for the special and artistic result that will make us proud when it comes to your hands, but it will also make you proud of your choice. In this area you will find the most recent of our events, evaluating our photographic result according to the stimuli that each pair gives us.

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The marriage! One of the most difficult situations a wedding photographer may face. Nothing is standardized in this process. There are feelings that cause various reactions that you do not expect. The unpredictable human factor. On the one hand there is the coverage of the event and on the other hand the mood for creation. How can you deal with both? Which is the overriding? Can wedding photography be creative at the same time?

I believe that all wedding photographers should have no sense of feeling, courage, mood, personality, creativity, and so many others who have just searched for a different look. Depending on the “mixing” of the above components, the result and finally the “signature” of the photographer comes out.

γκότσης - gotsis | wedding photographer

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ονειρεμένος γάμος στα Κύθηρα

How important is your marriage to be a major event, not only for you, but also for your friends and your guests. They are waiting for him to happen and once they happen to stay with the feeling that … they want to do it again!

μοναδικό γάμο στη Σκιάθο

In Skiathos, an island with many and luxurious options on the occasion of Vasilis and Elinas wedding photography

τέλειος γάμος στη Λευκάδα | destination marriage in Lefkada

Our destination Lefkada, with photos following the same spontaneous wedding style. Yes, it was fantastic … and I think that all they left with the best memories. Nicolas & Marina, photographing their wedding

φωτογράφηση γάμου στα Κύθηρα

if you find yourself in Kythira rather you fall in love. And if you go once, you will meet again there, perhaps more formal reason next time … and somehow Kostis and Ino marriage begins…

φωτογράφηση γάμου στη Μύκονο | wedding photographer in Mykonos

Mykonos, a wedding with elements from all parts of Greece, with cheerful guests and a couple in love

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