Vera's christening photoshooting

From Thessaloniki Pantelis Caterina found in Porta Panagia for the christening of Vera. Searching for this "something" above reached cooperation. All of them cooperative, everyone calm while Vera showed us early on the potential of the character and the ability to pose ..

The baptism took place in Vera Porta Panagia Gate in Trikala, photographer: George Gkotsis


baptism photos

baptism photography

φωτογράφηση βάπτισης

τρίκαλα βάπτιση

πόρτα Παναγιά βάπτιση

βάπτιση φωτογραφίες

Τρίκαλα βάπτιση

φωτογραφία Γιώργος Γκότσης

christening Greece

Πύλη,πόρτα παναγιά

baptism photos

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