moments of tension and mixed emotions

the most beautiful pictures of the favorite process

Selected photos from my favorite marriage process. groom and bridal portraits of preparation procedure. De facto this images are spontaneous. Maybe they still have a “reportage” mood and that’s why I prefer black and white. Although the photos are a collection of different weddings, they have a common theme: “bride preparation” & “groom preparation”. All of them emotionally charged with great feelings, pretty much fit in every marriage. Candid images “stolen” at the right time! And probably because of all these emotions, these images from the wedding preparation, I would easily characterize them “the most beautiful wedding pictures”.

Photographing the wedding preparation. From there everything will appear, from here everything starts. My favorite process as a wedding photographer. Perhaps a favorite process of those who are close and involved in it! Unexpected and mixed emotions, moments of anxiety and happiness. Moments with beloved friends and relatives. The customs of the wedding. The struggle to be all perfect !. All of this is finally taking their place. All these are elements that make up my pictures. Usually for me it is indicative how I will continue to photograph the rest of the wedding. Honestly, I have been moved with you and have smiled with you. She is so keen on the look, for example, between dad and daughter, It is so grand the grandmother’s pride!

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αντίπαρος φωτογράφιση γάμουa beautiful pre-wedding in Antiparos island
πάρτυ γάμουwedding party, the moment we are all waiting for

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