the magical sunset in Greece

illuminating our images

Some pre wedding photos, or engagement photos . A photograph that looks like marriage and reminds him of different results. An opportunity to get to know each other and pictures that definitely have their own special interest!

A romantic stroll, in a separate place at the right time. These one were enough for the engagement photos before the wedding! What is left is to let one another. From now on, the photos will have their own color, they will assimilate your own mood. They will remind you when we … So we are in Paleochora, an old settlement and we take advantage of the alleys and the old buildings for our photography. In the end, we all stay together, filling our batteries from the sunset!

οικογενειακές φωτογραφίεςa picnic with the whole family a brave session
φωτογραφίες γάμου στα Κύθηρα | wedding photos in Kythirathe day after, wonderful wedding photos in Kythira

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