selecting locations for an ideal photo shot

beaches, waves and a splendid landscape

The result ends when the day after wedding photography is over. Where every photographer has to find a way to harmonize the photos of the wedding day with the next day’s photo. Personally the images I would like to have the next come to my mind during the wedding. Mykonos is a picturesque minimal island with a cosmopolitan character. For this wedding, I wanted to keep only the “minimal” element and the “island”. I wanted the next day to look like this typical Cycladic minimal. This simple beauty, which I think enchants them all. I think every photographer would like to spend some more time on a day after wedding photography in Mykonos. How can you avoid the crowd, how can you take advantage of this place? The idea was from the outset to show this minimal feature that emits the island. And it really took a lot of time and patience to find the right and best places to take the next day’s photo. I think the patience has done and eventually blended harmoniously with the whole wedding photography. The air and the freedom it emits. The sea, the beaches and the waves. The wild dry landscape and characteristic white buildings. All these are elements that can dynamically enrich a photo of the day after wedding photography in Mykonos. All this should be included in the photos without being imposed over the wedding!


bride, day after shootingin the deserted village of Kumaria, the day after wedding
PRE WEDDING Λίμνη Πλαστηραa romantic pre wedding shooting in plastira's lake

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