wedding dress rehearsal

photos from bride preparation

Wedding dress rehearsal. I believe a beloved process in all candidate brides. Besides, endless hours are spent with the closest faces starting from his choice, until he finally decides what exactly he is, the accessories, the style etc and all this in a confidential way does not understand the groom. How would it look like starting your wedding photography with an alternative proposal?

getting married

The preparation of the wedding, my favorite photographic – and more difficult – as I have said many times a bit of marriage began this time several days ago. I insist – rightly so – maybe too much more, the reason you will understand it below as a matter of course photography is a separate section so it is also a special post. The process is pleasing with many interesting accessories that could support marriage. Vivi (our bride) seemed to be amused, which was a pleasure because it was our first photographic contact and it was the day of our wedding.

The result was probably more good than I expected, although the hard direct lighting gave a bit more “drama” …

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