Understand people from the physiognomy but from the way you talk or even of how to send a mail. With John and Sophia talked months earlier and when we came in cooperation existed a relationship of mutual trust without ever have met I knew in advance that the increased requirements would be an enjoyable challenge for us.

a pre-wedding movie, before the wedding

And then came the moment of our meeting . We met two people who love them immediately . Can you drink coffee , have fun with them , converse and at the end you will not understand how the time passed . We met for a start in Lamia that will become their marriage . In the much discussed and had the following idea for their wedding . Instead of the classic slideshow appears to play before the wedding we proposed a short movie. And because movies have to have even a formal affair our idea was the following : The memories that come out looking at a photo album .

The pervasive romanticism , because love is from emotions that are not hidden, they gave us numerous shots in a special video …