In swing rhythms the trailer from the filming of the wedding of Giorgos & Vivis. The romantic mood, the anxious friends the party are part of this video, a little idea of the finished result.

The  adorable couple, the incredible friends  and … the raining weather. But everything tied to a great result, even the choice of swing in the clip below. (Besides, no piece of music is randomly chosen, there is always reason to do so). I admit, however, that during the marriage we had excellent help and good cooperation with all of us, which made it easier for us to create the whole effect, photographic & cinematic. After all, from the very first contact with them I was optimistic and confident about the result …

His marriage took place in Trikala, at Porta Panagia and the venue in “thessalis”.

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By Published On: 27 April 20140.7 min readCategories: wedding cinematography
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