Cretan wedding

traditional Cretan wedding

Photographing a traditional Cretan wedding, we are faced with the lyre that excites you, with the enthusiasm of the guests. The Raki, the songs, the “Mantinades”, the traditional costumes, the proudly dances and the romance that is diffused in the Cretan weddings, create photos with the corresponding dynamic romance and a sense of nostalgia…


2711, 2015

“be a dream” an emotional & touching wedding video in Kythira island

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Kythira, a marriage that Nick and Catherine wanted to be a dream. And probably what happened. Traditional Cretan with top feelings that cause emotion and joy. With patched with lyre with beloved friends, raki and only love ...

1706, 2015

on the island of Kythira, there is a nubile love that leads in a separate wedding

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might think that a wedding on an island like in Kythira, is anyway special. Yet not separate was because the couple itself, and all participants thyself.

2012, 2013

destination Kastoria – Nymfeo, Spyros & Ria wedding in Greece

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I find it a bit difficult to describe this wedding , I have enough time to think about how I can connect everything that happened ... The photographic evidence must be " tie " is Macedonia , Kastoria , the Nymphaeum , a traditional Cretan wedding held away from Crete , Italians friends ... and much more! .


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