Family portraits.

Family portraits. Moments special and unique that become invaluable with the passage of time. A photo shoot with inexhaustible sentimental value, images that will remain indelible. Photos of the most simple and everyday moments that when they now pass simply do not repeat…



ένα υπέροχο βίντεο βάφτισης στην ΚατερίνηGiorgos Gotsis

from the filming of the baptism in Litochoro, a wonderful video

On the subject of exploring life and gaining experience, a retro wonderful video baptism in Katerini.
Μια πανέμορφη vintage βάπτιση στη Λάρισαgiorgos gotsis

A beautiful vintage christening in Larissa

A beautiful baptism that will take you back in time. All the choices reminiscent of another era and necessarily the style of photography follows the same vintage street. In the Metaxochori of Larissa the time has left it intact!
βάπτιση στο the residence© 2016 giorgos gotsis

the wonderful photos from the baptism at the residence, athens

Wonderful photos from baptism at the residence in Tatoi, Athens. And it was wonderful because everything went great on the one hand and on the other hand, our little girl, it was really a doll! The truth, of course, is that when the time…
φωτογραφίες βάπτισης στην Κατερίνη

Alkistis, a orthodox christening photoshooting

Although Alcestis was only a few months, the christening photoshooting went excellent. Maybe our relationship with Paris and Christina,

Alexandros, family moments & christening photoshooting

The baptism of Alexander, became in Pertouli - Trikala, in the chapel of the Virgin Mary.

Apostolis, photos of baptism.

The baptism of mission, in a few photos as a whole is really many. Somewhere between the endless destinations we had this summer, we had the opportunity for a more relaxing weekend in Trikala.

Cyprus, Danae cristening and playtime photos

I honestly do not know if I will be able to reciprocate sometime this hospitality, but I hope to happen ... In Cyprus, our destination for the christening of Danae, starting with a family photo shoot in Larnaca on Foinikoudes with temperature conditions, we have not really used. Luckily our little model, Danae seemed very amused during the shooting.

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οικογενειακές φωτογραφίες στο Φλοίσβο | family photoshooting