βίντεο βάπτισης τρίκαλα | christening videos

Nicoletta, the Desi baptism, Mantania tower. Video clip

From the baptism of Nicoletta to Desi and the Mantania tower. A video clip feature of Atithasoy character.

an emotional wedding teaser trailer, Apostolis & Eleni

Apostolis and Helen returned from N.Y. back to their homeland for their wedding. As is the custom in Greece, their marriage took place in the bride's hometown in Krania Aspropotamos. Many friends and relatives followed and celebrated together.
The following video is a different trailer than you had accustomed. The romantic mood and emotions dominate.

an artistic wedding photoshooting. Apostolis + Eleni, from Buffalo N.Y.

Apostolis & Eleni, return to Greece for their wedding. Μany friends, many relatives followed. Τheir marriage was in Mantania Tower, in one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Greece. I was their wedding photographer and I confess that I spent with them just great.

Yiannis + Sophia, Lamia wedding shooting

His first marriage in 2012, shortly after entering our lives. Many times I consider my responsibility for the result, few of you will understand it, those who have spent a little more time in the site may be noticing.