1210, 2019

a romantic video teaser from the wedding at Grand Meteora

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A romantic trailer from the wedding video made at the Grand Meteora Hotel. Snapshots of the preparation and the party are beautifully combined in a concise video clip with highlights.

1412, 2018

romantic wedding at Grand Meteora hotel

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The story of a romantic wedding in Meteora through a wonderful photography. The special scenery, the Byzantine church and the thoughtful decoration combined with the luxurious atmosphere of the Grand Meteora Hotel will make you love this wedding!

1009, 2016

a wonderful marriage in the shadow of Meteora in Greece

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The wedding photography in Meteora, Greece, under the shadow of the great imposing rocks, . Pictures that are definitely moving to the standards of wedding journalism. Artistic photographs, a result you’ll love !.Photographically, it is a great skill to have the feeling that everything will go well from the very first moment of getting to know each other. Besides, the sense of humor and self-crushing are elements that make me like those who have it. Perhaps you should have seen the “save the date” to understand what I mean! Inevitably, therefore, their photos were natural, authentic and spontaneous. At the ...


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