A wedding in Mykonos has every prospect to evolve into a chick and glamour event. Besides, the choices are so many perhaps more than any other island and can meet every requirement. The photo shoot follows the style and takes you to the cosmopolitan environment and sometimes to the wild beauties of the island…


φωτογράφηση γάμου στη Μύκονο | wedding photographer in Mykonos

wedding photographer in Mykonos, Greece. Shoting a wedding with elements from all parts of Greece, with cheerful guests and a couple in love … Do you believe in love at first sight? It is the most typical question that comes to mind about this marriage.

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Mykonos obviously needs no introduction, probably from the most famous islands in the world. So… in Mykonos for photographing the mariagge of Anthony and Mary and the christening of little Elias.

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