βίντεο βάπτισης Κατερίνη

Alkistis, the baptism in Katerini, an amazing video

and time passes fast.... We are in Katerini with Paris and Christina, this time for the baptism of Alkistis...

φωτογραφίες βάπτισης στην Κατερίνη

Alkistis, a orthodox christening photoshooting

Although Alcestis was only a few months, the christening photoshooting went excellent. Maybe our relationship with Paris and Christina,

Harley & rock’n’roll. Paris & Christina, an artistic wedding photo shooting

Maybe you are the best pictures from the wedding of Paris and Christina in Katerini , but perhaps not, since this time really struggled to pick out some photos for this post and not to put them all ... ... their marriage gave us so much material , moreover, became so much and I do not know if briefly manage to convey the story below. Their marriage took place ... in the entire prefecture of Pieria . There were many elements that had to be " tied " to exit the post.

elli’s christening photoshooting

We were shooting for the baptism of Ellis in the area. Reaching the weather seemed wilder, Olympus far. Shortly good mood, a little good luck, by the time the baptism was left only the freshness of spring showers.

Yiannis + Ioanna, wedding movie – Katerini

I have a different view for filming the wedding of one presented as fashion with clear influences from the other side of the Atlantic. The dispute with Greece is that here we have a soul, have real friends, have fun, have humor and emotions. Instead of "epic" video I am definitely in favor of trying to come out as a result of a video feature that can show what happened in a marriage now approaching the standards of a documentary.

destination wedding, Katerini, mediterranean resort

In Katerini, with the best combination of Olympus and the sea we were to shoot the wedding of John and Joanna. The process of photographing classic began with the preparation of the bride and groom. At the home of John that his friends came close to empty the pool by diving & Ioanna's home, hanging out with her friends. The ceremony was held in a chapel on the slopes of Mt. Olympus the mountain with incredible energy ... and coolness.

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