βίντεο βάπτισης τρίκαλα | christening videos

From the baptism of Nicoletta to Desi and the Mantania tower. A video clip feature of the untamed intractable, character of Read more

The baptism of Alexander, became in Pertouli – Trikala, in the chapel of the Virgin Mary. Read more

In my favorite Aspropotamos that many times you go, any time, I enjoy everything … In Desi and Mantania found for g Nikoletta’s christenin. Read more

The Invitational with a jar of sweet and favors baptism we waited in his room Efharis in Pyrrha. It was definitely the sweetest reception we have done … I have to say that for a strange reason, we work with very nice people this time than the same pair and godmother and friends made ​​us feel immediately a company. Read more

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