wedding and next day photoshooting, Plastiras Lake, Bill & Evi

A spontaneous couple gave me corresponding images with visual interest of their marriage, and a separate result from shooting the next day at Plastira's Lake.

Plastira’s lake,wedding teaser trailer

Plastira's Lake huts of Fylaktis. From the fantastic wedding two imaginary guys, Thomas and Mary. Now the clip of their wedding. A big party. Fans undaunted keep the fun until the morning. The patrons of the hotel, seeing that there was no hope to sleep at night, they came down and have fun with us and the next day in the morning they all gather debris us ....

Plastira’s lake, Tom + Maria’s marriage

Our destination this time the lake Plastira in huts Fylaktis for a loving couple full of humor and positive energy. With Thomas and Maria met long ago on the occasion of their wedding. Although the distance that separates us is great we were several times before the wedding occasion shooting video Invitational, which several of his friends would have seen.