Marriage is not only the day of the ceremony, it is the entire preparation period until that day. A photo shoot before marriage is the least of a reason to get to know each other better. The resulting Photos/videos can be exploited in a thousand ways. Dare it, the result is unique for many reasons!


ονειρεμένος γάμος στα Κύθηρα

How important is your marriage to be a major event, not only for you, but also for your friends and your guests. They are waiting for him to happen and once they happen to stay with the feeling that … they want to do it again!
A strange composition of various “magic” ingredients will help make your wedding an unforgettable experience.So I think I have identified these ingredients and I try to transfer them to the couples who work together … anyway, in the end I will have the pleasure of taking the photographic result first!

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μοναδικό γάμο στη Σκιάθο

In Skiathos, an island with many and luxurious options on the occasion of Vasilis and Elinas wedding photography … I know well that they are two determinants of every photographic result. The “chemistry” between the photographer and the couple and the attention to detail.

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We are months before the wedding scheduled in Lefkada, yet the procedures have begun… A video with humorous content that will keep the interest of friends in social networks until the wedding and will remind them of the date…. Read more

A “Save the date” video with thriller elements and of course a lot of humour.. Can marriage be a dream? Yes, but what a dream! Pretty much we all know the agony of losing the last two kilos until the wedding. But what happens when the effort goes beyond the limits?

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τέλειος γάμος στη Λευκάδα | destination marriage in Lefkada

A great marriage in Lefkada island, with photos following the same spontaneous wedding style. Yes, it was fantastic … and I think that all they left with the best memories. Nicolas & Marina, photographing their wedding …

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φωτογράφηση γάμου στα Κύθηρα

if you find yourself in Kythira rather you fall in love. And if you go once, you will meet again there, perhaps more formal reason next time … and somehow Kostis and Ino marriage begins…

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Lefkada our destination for photographing the wedding of a couple with a unique style, as I imagine it seems, Vassilis and Effie.

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