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2002, 2021

baptism like a fairy tale in the park of St. George

By |20 February 2021|Categories: christenings photography|Tags: , |

Your Content Goes Here A christening based on the idea and concept of a well-known fairy tale that gave us fairytale photos and a shocking video Park of St. George, central Greece The baptism took place in the park of Ai Giorgis, in Trikala. But while designing it, we had a great idea ... To connect her photography with the story of a fairy tale. Daring, but successful as you will see in the following photos!Of course the implementation would not have had the same success if the parents did not give us the ...

1210, 2019

a romantic video teaser from the wedding at Grand Meteora

By |12 October 2019|Categories: wedding cinematography|Tags: , , |

A romantic trailer from the wedding video made at the Grand Meteora Hotel. Snapshots of the preparation and the party are beautifully combined in a concise video clip with highlights.

1412, 2018

romantic wedding at Grand Meteora hotel

By |14 December 2018|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

The story of a romantic wedding in Meteora through a wonderful photography. The special scenery, the Byzantine church and the thoughtful decoration combined with the luxurious atmosphere of the Grand Meteora Hotel will make you love this wedding!

1009, 2016

a wonderful marriage in the shadow of Meteora in Greece

By |10 September 2016|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , |

The wedding photography in Meteora, Greece, under the shadow of the great imposing rocks, . Pictures that are definitely moving to the standards of wedding journalism. Artistic photographs, a result you’ll love !.Photographically, it is a great skill to have the feeling that everything will go well from the very first moment of getting to know each other. Besides, the sense of humor and self-crushing are elements that make me like those who have it. Perhaps you should have seen the “save the date” to understand what I mean! Inevitably, therefore, their photos were natural, authentic and spontaneous. At the ...

2001, 2016

horses, caravans and nature in a unique wedding setting, Greece

By |20 January 2016|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , , , , |

The marriage done with as much madness can carry a couple and with as much positive mood can have friends,

311, 2015

altenative wedding in old mill, Greece

By |3 November 2015|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , , , , |

Winter hand, but I am pleased to photograph a "warm episode", the marriage of Stephen and Fanny managed to spend their nature, spontaneity and their own style in their own unique celebration of marriage.

1303, 2015

luxury wedding in Greece and the stuning next day shooting at Pelion

By |13 March 2015|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , |

I will start writing the next day location shooting of this wedding, as I think the result really unique... We are at Pelion starting relatively early the photoshooting and having at our disposal enough time.

608, 2014

wedding and next day photoshooting, Plastiras Lake, Bill & Evi

By |6 August 2014|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , |

A spontaneous couple gave me corresponding images with visual interest of their marriage, and a separate result from shooting the next day at Plastira's Lake.

2207, 2014

wedding photoshooting & next day at Pelion. Bill and Vasso

By |22 July 2014|Categories: destination wedding photography|Tags: , , , |

An excellent wedding photoshooting , a peculiar love story, an adorable couple who has chosen to create his life away from his place in Massachusetts, and myself, a photographer who I was lucky to share moments, photos, love and appreciation of marriage of Basil & Vasso.


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