εναλλακτικός γάμος στα Τρίκαλα

The marriage done with as much madness can carry a couple and with as much positive mood can have friends; We are located at Trikala and specifically in mountain village, where nature fills every space in the frame.

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πολιτικός γάμος

Winter hand, but I am pleased to photograph a “warm episode”, the marriage of Stephen and Fanny managed to spend their nature, spontaneity and their own style in their own unique celebration of marriage.

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I will start writing the next day location shooting of this wedding, as I think the result really unique… We are at Pelion starting relatively early the photoshooting and having at our disposal enough time.

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A spontaneous couple gave me corresponding images with visual interest of their marriage, and a separate result from shooting the next day at Plastira’s Lake.

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An excellent wedding photoshooting , a peculiar love story, an adorable couple who has chosen to create his life away from his place in Massachusetts, and myself, a photographer who I was lucky to share moments, photos, love and appreciation of marriage of Basil & Vasso.

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One of the first weddings of the season and the few we had this year in our city, in Trikala. You have to admit that the unconventional photographic effect I had from the wedding make me proud… more fashionable than usual, but I was inspired by the style of their wedding.

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The moments may be few, but the way we met, by acceptance of your friends who could be my own friends and I felt part of your party and enjoyed it. Read more

The exemplary organization, friends in a bad mood, cocktails flawlessly. It was the times we forgot the time. We started with the preparation of Alexander and Christina, to their friends and bridesmaids, it seemed from the beginning that we would have “theme”. Read more

Apostolis & Eleni, return to Greece for their wedding. Μany friends, many relatives followed. Τheir marriage was in Mantania Tower, in one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Greece. I was their wedding photographer and I confess that I spent with them just great. Read more

Marriages in winter has its particularity, the landscape becomes more austere. Photographing we made outdoors with enough cold. Going the way for Pertouli encountered snow. Read more

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