Wedding Preparation

Wedding preparation, pictures from the preparation of the groom and the bride, moments before the wedding. Friends and family show their moods. We participate discreetly by detaching the most spontaneous snapshots. Photographic is from my favorite moments, images with intensity, mood change and many emotions. The photographic material is scaled and creates a pleasant introduction to your wedding.


ονειρεμένος γάμος στα Κύθηρα

How important is your marriage to be a major event, not only for you, but also for your friends and your guests. They are waiting for him to happen and once they happen to stay with the feeling that … they want to do it again!
A strange composition of various “magic” ingredients will help make your wedding an unforgettable experience.So I think I have identified these ingredients and I try to transfer them to the couples who work together … anyway, in the end I will have the pleasure of taking the photographic result first!

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τέλειος γάμος στη Λευκάδα | destination marriage in Lefkada

A great marriage in Lefkada island, with photos following the same spontaneous wedding style. Yes, it was fantastic … and I think that all they left with the best memories. Nicolas & Marina, photographing their wedding …

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φωτογράφηση γάμου στην Αθήνα | spontaneous wedding photos in athens

In short vacation Nasos and Evita in Greece, occurred the marriage. The theme of marriage influenced by their life journey. The also testified and friends who came from all parts of the earth …
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εναλλακτικός γάμος στα Τρίκαλα

The marriage done with as much madness can carry a couple and with as much positive mood can have friends; We are located at Trikala and specifically in mountain village, where nature fills every space in the frame.

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πολιτικός γάμος

Winter hand, but I am pleased to photograph a “warm episode”, the marriage of Stephen and Fanny managed to spend their nature, spontaneity and their own style in their own unique celebration of marriage.

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