In Trikala, the “mysterious” marriage of Dimitris and Tzortzina. Because after the wedding ceremony, we ended up in a mysterious party and an even more mysterious next day shooting!

Style: natural / documentary | season: autumn | location: country | develop: teal, bw

The only ones that were not mysterious but the fact were enthusiastic friends and a very beloved couple. These are just as elements in a wedding, it is a source of inspiration for the photographer and always capable of reaching the result a bit more than expected!

ιδιαίτερο προσκλητήριο γάμου

pre wedding in plastira’s lake

The shooting started earlier with a short walk on Lake Plastira. Although the “i do” was a given, it was nevertheless an element of our photography …

today is the wedding day…

Surely we arrive at the wedding day, starting with the preparation of the groom and the bride, with a little more unjustified anxiety that usually translates into anxiety and expectation. An anxiety that you understand by observing their eyes when they meet each other shortly …

λεπτομέρειες γάμου, αξεσουάρ
προετοιμασία γαμπρού

bride’s preparation

Hair dress and makeup, beautiful girlfriends and guests waiting to dress her up and accompany her in a festive atmosphere …

young dancer

looking the photo archive

somewhere we have met again

A few years ago, no one would have imagined we would meet at their wedding. Jina, the girl remains with the wide smile and the expressive eyes that perceive you! This is the first photo we had ever taken, years before wearing a bride …

νύφη στον καθρέφτη
νύφη και νυφικό φόρεμα
bridal portraits
wearing the bride dress
R Select
bridemaids in red

the wedding ceremony

γάμος στη φανερωμένη

Continue on the next page for the wedding party and the wonderful next day shooting!

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γάμος στην αντίπαρο, antiparos weddingwedding in Antiparos on white background