The wedding ceremony at St. George in Flatsia

In a beautiful place, in Flatsia, the wedding ceremony took place. In the hinterland of Chios in the chapel of St. George with the bride to accompany their friends with music …

στολισμός γάμου

St George
the ceremony

αγ γεώργιοσ φλάτσια χίος γάμος
αγ γεώργιοσ φλάτσια χίος γάμος

On the top of the hill in the Botanical Garden

At the top of the hill in the Botanical Garden with endless drink and feast we have reached the best point of marriage. I was sure of what followed!

the venue at Botanic Garden

on location shooting, Anavatos

The next day was quite difficult! But we did it! Our setting is the medieval settlement in Anavotos, Chios, where we chose to photograph …

ρομαντικές φωτογραφίες γάμου

Anavatos, the medieval castle
of our location

φωτογράφιση επόμενης μέρας
gotsis photographer
φωτογράφιση επόμενης μέρας σε παλιό σπίτι

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