A traditional baptism in Zagorohoria, in Kerasovo Konistas, from those made in the square of the village! A video – trekking with traditional music and little surprises!

Epirus has sung for immigration to many of her songs. Returning to the homeland is an opportunity for a great celebration. Such a celebration was this baptism. A traditional baptism, with orchestra and music in the village square. With a cheerful atmosphere, guests and local tsipouro!

The village, a few kilometers from Konitsa, picturesque and hospitable, offered us many options for photography and video recording. So we started off the banks of the river Voidomatis and wandered in the forests and stone bridges, the ideal backdrop for our shots.

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a trekking – traditional baptism video.

Green walks, joyful people and the festive atmosphere were all elements that have taken their place in the video. As for the feast, yes it was a real feast with a traditional orchestra and of course dance! This baptism was the day’s event.

video of traditional christening in Greece

The baptism was an occasion for a celebration in the central square of the village!

Our biggest surprise was the children of the village who in their own way gave a special touch to this video! The music we chose for this video is the continuity of what we passed. It’s a traditional Epirus song where, though unusual, it bore great with the whole trailer!


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